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Royal Canin 6 lb Adult Weight Care Cat Food

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Many cats live a life of leisure, spending their days napping, grooming, and grazing. All that on top of a high-calorie diet can cause an adult cat to put on more pounds—which could lead to more health issues. If your overweight cat is an overeater or often eats out of boredom, talk to your vet about a prescription weight loss cat food. Royal Canin Feline Weight Care dry cat food is a diet tailored to help our lovable house cats live a long, magnificent life. It's made with moderate fat levels (reduced by 33%*) for adult cat weight management. Optimal fibers increase the volume of food in your cat’s stomach to help them feel full. High protein levels support your kitty’s muscle mass, so they stay active and fit. And it’s enriched with L-carnitine to help keep their metabolism working hard to burn fat.


  • Helps achieve an ideal weight and muscle mass with 33% reduced fat content
  • Satisfies their appetite with a unique blend of fibers that helps cats feel more full
  • High protein maintains muscle mass to promote a healthy, active lifestyle
  • Enriched with L-carnitine to support healthy metabolism and weight management


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Royal Canin 6 lb Adult Weight Care Cat Food

Royal Canin 6 lb Adult Weight Care Cat Food

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