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Royal Canin 6 lb Adult Hairball Care Cat Food

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It’s no surprise that many cats, especially long-haired ones, struggle with hairballs. If a cat can’t digest the hair they swallow properly, a hairball can begin to build in the stomach. Some hairballs are regurgitated, while others may require veterinary care. Royal Canin Adult Hairball Care Cat Kibble supports your cat's digestion to help reduce hairball formation. The targeted nutrition of Royal Canin hairball cat food is designed for cats in need of a little extra help with hairball management. Its exclusive blend of dietary fibers helps naturally stimulate the intestinal tract to pass the hair they swallow. That way, the hair can pass into their litter box.


  • Helps manage hairballs by moving hair the cat swallows through the GI tract rather than it building up in the stomach and being regurgitated
  • Controls hairball development with a specific blend of dietary fibers for healthy digestion
  • Helps manage hairballs that can lead to digestive sensitivities


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Royal Canin 6 lb Adult Hairball Care Cat Food

Royal Canin 6 lb Adult Hairball Care Cat Food

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