Your cat is part of your family. You should feed it like family, too. Buying the right cat food can lead to a longer, happier and healthier life for your cat. Always work with your veterinarian to come up with a complete nutrition plan for your cat, as their dietary needs can vary depending on breed, life stage and medical history. When you’re buying cat food, it’s important to read through the ingredients. Look for protein, such as chicken, tuna or turkey, in the top three ingredients. Ingredients are listed in order by weight. Cats need their diet to be meat-based, not plant-based. They can only get the nutrients they need from meat sources. It’s also important to consider flavor. Look for foods with specific ingredients listed, such as beef or chicken, over generic terms like “meat flavored”. You’ll know where the cat’s protein is actually coming from. Whether grain-free cat food is healthier or not is debatable. Grains are a source of carbs, which your cat can use as an energy source. However, some experts believe that grains can cause allergies in your cat. Also, even if the cat food is grain-free, it can still be full of other carbs, such as potatoes. If you’re aiming for a high protein, low carb diet, it’s best to keep this in mind. Buy Friskies, Hill's Science Diet, Fancy Feast, 9 Lives and other trusted cat food brands at Two Kittens online.
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